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Digestive enzymes to prevent and treat gas and bloating

6 Proven Health Tips To Prevent Gas And Bloating


Digestive problems can run the gamut from excessive gas to constant bloating, and embarrassing flatulence.   You’ve probably experienced the not so pleasurable after effects of a great meal as you look to find the nearest private bathroom! What causes these symptoms and is there anything that can be done to bring relief?  LEARN MORE Change [...]

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Are You Embarrassed By Excessive Gas?

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Stomach pains caused by gas are uncomfortable, and they can be embarrassing when the gas needs to come out. There are various foods that can cause you to feel gassy after eating them. Many of those foods such as beans and fibre-rich vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Other gas producing foods, such as fatty meats and foods fried in oil, taste good but are not healthy. Fortunately, there are ways to get relief from gas pain. The first step is understanding what causes the extra gas.

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The Top 5 Steps to Get Rid of Gas

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Not only does flatulence hold an embarrassing smell, but it can also be extremely uncomfortable to deal with. Some people experience painful bouts with gas, that can lead to crippling stomach pain and terrible headaches.

In order to effectively treat gas, consider these five options.

Drink Liquids at Scheduled Times

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