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Digestive enzymes to prevent and treat gas and bloating


Maintain A Healthy Digestive System: Take Control of Those Stomach Woes With Clever Health Tips

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If you suffer from digestive problems, you’ve probably experienced the discomfort and embarrassment of looking for a bathroom during an outing with friends.

What can you do if you simply have a sensitive stomach?

Alleviate stomach pain today by learning how to maintain a healthy, digestive system.

Avoid Irritants

We sometimes don’t realize that digestive issues can stem from more than just dietary sources.

There can be internal as well as external factors.

Internal factors are those which are more psychological in nature and occur when we are simply so nervous, anxious, stressed, or fearful, that our stomach ‘acts up’.  

This feeling can be alleviated when you force yourself to calm down and end the body’s stress response, thus giving your stomach a chance to return to normal.

External factors have more to do with the foods that we consume. For example, food colour additives, caffeine and alcohol can be irritants.

The stomach and intestines may have adverse reactions to these items, which can then lead to gas and bloating.

Ideally, try foods that are alkaline and free from most chemicals, and have been minimally processed.

The human body responds better to more natural items than heavily processed foods.

Add in Enzymes

Consider the addition of enzymes such as the ones found in Digesta Alpha into the diet.  Certain enzymes neutralize the digestive system’s reaction to specific foods, including beans and vegetables.

The enzymes mimic the body’s natural processes so that snacks and meals can be easily absorbed and digested.

One note of caution: Trust in enzymes approved for digestive health only. Taking raw or unapproved enzymes may create more problems than solving them.

Eat More Vegetables

One simple way to improve the digestive system’s functions is through healthy eating. Did you know that you can eat a large number of vegetables, especially leafy types, without gaining weight or feeling full?

Look for dark, leafy vegetables to add to any meal. Eat them raw or cooked. The fibre within the vegetables can scrape the gut clean as the digestive system takes on a regular balance between absorption and elimination.

Consider Probiotics

Along with controlled enzymes, take a daily probiotic. These bacterial substances are found in certain yoghurts and dozens of other foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi.  

We need good bacteria in the gut so that food can be digested with fewer side effects.

When excessive gas and unpleasant bloating have become part of daily life, adding good bacteria to the gut each day can improve digestion. When there are enzymes in the mix, too, this helps the gut run like clockwork.

You can have a healthy digestive system. You can eat your food comfortably knowing that excessive gas and bloating are in the past!