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Digestive enzymes to prevent and treat gas and bloating


The Benefits Of A Multi-Enzyme vs A Single Enzyme Supplement


Did You Know That Bloating and Gas Are Only Slightly Decreased by One Enzyme?

People with food intolerances are likely to turn to enzyme supplements instead of going on a diet. This enables them to obtain the nutrients they need from the foods they enjoy. However, many people underestimate what their food intolerances are.

Common Food Intolerances Lead to Common Misconceptions

The most well-known food intolerances are to lactose, fructose, and other kinds of sugars, so enzyme supplements are usually purchased specifically for these sugars.

However, we sometimes assume that we are only lactose intolerant when, in actuality, we may also be fructose intolerant, as well as intolerant of proteins and fats.

This assumption can result in the use of a single-enzyme product which only reduces gas pain by a small amount rather than completely eliminating it.

If you are unsure what exactly is causing your stomach pain from intolerance, a multi-enzyme product will help break down all of those foods into smaller components before reaching your small intestine.

One option could be to buy more than one product, each with its own enzyme type. Such a solution can become costly, though. A better alternative would be to purchase a multi-enzyme product.

Multi-enzyme products, such as Digesta, specialize in eliminating pain in the stomach, bloating, and excessive gas.

Digesta contains all three of the digestive enzymes needed to break down sugar, fats, and proteins.

All Bases Are Covered With a Multi-Enzyme Product

We all strive to find solutions that are convenient.

Spending money on more than one single-enzyme product can be a hassle. Purchasing just one multi-enzyme product at the pharmacy saves time and money.

Also, instead of trying to figure out which specific food intolerance you may have, a multi-enzyme product will provide relief for a number of digestive issues.

If you’re looking for a natural multi-enzyme product that is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free, give Digesta a try today. You’ll be eating more of the foods you love again in no time!

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