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Top 5 Tips On How To Enjoy More Foods When You Travel

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How to Enjoy Regional Foods While Travelling the World

Trying new foods when travelling is one of the best parts of getting out and exploring the world, but many people end up with rumbling bellies, gas pains, or stomach cramps when they eat unfamiliar cuisine.

While this can be a recurring problem for many, it does not have to squash all of the fun of sightseeing and trying a range of cuisine.

These top five tips will make it easier to enjoy a variety of foods while travelling.

Eat Small Portions

Many people overdo it with portion sizes. This is a common issue when eating at home or on the road. Consider trying a tapas-style meal, which focuses on eating small portions of a variety of foods and sharing them with a big group of people.

Avoid Known Triggers

Even when sampling small portions of different foods, it is important to avoid known triggers that cause flatulence and other stomach and intestinal issues.

Some triggers include fibrous vegetables, dairy, greasy and oily foods, and raw fruits and vegetables. Ask about the ingredients in a food if you are unsure.

Eat Slowly

When travelling, many people are faced with a strict time schedule. Consider doing what most Europeans do: Take time to enjoy the meal at a leisurely pace. It is not uncommon for a dinner in France to take two or three hours from start to finish.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps the body with digestion. Before a meal, drink a full glass of water. The water helps the body prepare for metabolizing the food and flushing away the waste products. Drinking a glass of water could also prevent overeating, which is one typical cause of stomach discomfort.

Consider a Digestive Enzyme

In many cultures, beans, whole grains, and fibrous vegetables are the basis of most meals. When travelling to one of these places, consider bringing a natural, enzyme-based digestive aid like Digesta. Taking the digestive aid before a meal could lessen the risk of pain, bloating, and gas after eating.

These five tips will help minimize or even eliminate the risk of stomach pain after eating, allowing for a more enjoyable trip!

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