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Digestive enzymes to prevent and treat gas and bloating


Top Tips To Stop Gas And Bloating After Eating

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Are you among the many people who develop flatulence and bloating after eating?

These symptoms can be embarrassing when you dine with others, but luckily there are things that you can do to prevent them. Knowing which foods trigger your symptoms and how you can make use of helpful digestive aids could make a big difference in how you feel after a meal.

A few simple changes could reduce or even eliminate the bloating, gas and cramps that you experience.

Identify Your Trigger Foods

Some foods are universal in their ability to trigger gas.

  • Beans are one of the top culprits in a gassy, bloated belly.
  • Cabbage, onions, celery and carrots are also known to lead to this problem.
  • You might be surprised to learn that raw fruits, such as apples and apricots, cause gas in many people.
  • Other trigger foods include oats, wheat, dairy products, potatoes, fried foods and artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol.

Pay attention to which foods trigger your symptoms and consider trying an elimination diet to minimize your food-related issues.

Limit Portion Sizes

Once you know which foods trigger gas, bloating and pain in your belly, take action by limiting your portion sizes. Eat one cube of cheese instead of a big hunk.

Measure out one serving of oat bran rather than pouring a sizeable amount into a bowl.

Instead of eating a big bowl of ice cream, try a dairy-free frozen dessert.

Take a Walk After Eating

After eating a meal, especially if it includes one of your favourite foods that is known to trigger gas, take a walk.

You do not have to walk quickly or do a strenuous workout. Gravity and the metabolism required to walk will help your body to process the food. The food will not sit too long in your stomach or intestines, thus stopping the development of gas.

Try a Digestive Aid

Many people find success in using a natural multi-enzyme product for handling gas and bloating after a meal.

The enzymes help to break down the fiber and other nutrients that the human body’s gut has a difficult time handling. The action of the enzymes is swift, which helps to ensure that gas and bloating are minimized.

Now that you know how to prevent gas and bloating, you can enjoy your meals and after-meal activities with more confidence.

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