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Digestive enzymes to prevent and treat gas and bloating


Trying Exotic Foods Is Easier with A Multi-Enzyme


One of the pleasures of travel is enjoying cuisines from different cultures. These foods may use ingredients that are quite different than the ones you are accustomed to at home. The dishes may use different spices in surprising ways. If you enjoy tasting the foods from different countries but are troubled with gas pain, flatulence, and stomach distress, a multi-enzyme product that prevents these symptoms can allow you to enjoy more of the foods you love.

Meatless Cuisines

In many areas of the world, eating meat is avoided, either on cultural grounds or as religious proscription. These cuisines depend on various types of beans or other legumes to provide the necessary protein for good health. Beans may be used in a range of different recipes that can be both inventive and surprising. However, if you have trouble with gas from beans, these dishes can cause embarrassing problems with stomach distress, flatulence, and bloating. Fortunately, travellers can bring along an enzyme product that can be effective for the prevention of gas and bloating, so you can enjoy these foods without unpleasant consequences. Digesta is a product that contains an alpha-galactosidase enzyme that can help with discomfort after eating beans.

Cuisines With Dairy Components

Indian cuisine employs a number of different types of dairy products in its dishes. Various types of cheeses are used in its recipes. Yoghurt and milk are common ingredients in a number of dishes. If you have lactose intolerance, these foods are likely to cause gas, bloating, stomach distress, or diarrhoea. An enzyme product like Digesta that contains lactase will provide the necessary component for proper digestion of these foods.

Cuisines With High-Fat Content

Some parts of the world, such as Japan and China, have embraced deep-fried seafood and vegetables. These foods are served with a variety of sauces to add piquancy and zest. If you are one of the many individuals who experience gas from fats and oils, you may find yourself inconvenienced by troublesome symptoms after enjoying these foods. Taking a natural multi-enzyme product can provide the additional lipase enzyme for the prevention of gas and bloating from fatty, oily foods.

There’s no need to suffer from stomach pain, gas pain, and flatulence from experimenting with exotic foods. Digesta is a natural multi-enzyme product that is both vegan-friendly and gluten-free, with superior effectiveness in preventing and treatment of gas and bloating vs. single-enzyme products. It will allow you to enjoy more of the foods you love without the unpleasant symptoms that can sometimes occur.

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